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Hazel is a versatile template for the minimalist and moody photographer

Moody, Edgy, Earthy

The Hazel template is the perfect blend of modern and earthy for any photographer. With streamlined and strategic page layouts, lots of room for you to share your passion through your copy, as well as brand designer created illustrations, and all the essential pages. Hazel is for the photographer who want to stand out and get off the beaten path.

*Please note: a Canva Pro account is needed if you want to change the illustration colors to match your brand.

One payment of $575 CAD

One payment of $675 CAD

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? 

Take a peak inside the template...

template pages 


Single Page
Category page
404/Blog 404

Showit Subscription Discount
Designer created illustrations
Launch checklist
Legal Page
Coming Soon Page

Showit Subscription Discount



Completely customizable 

Want to see how easy it is?

✔ choose your template

✔ Install and customize

✔ launch and celebrate!

Ready to be excited when someone asks for your website info? We want that for you! It’s easy to get started - grab your domain, start your Showit subscription, and choose your template!

You’ll receive a PDF with your Showit share key, as well as your launch checklist. Once it’s added to your account, you get to jump into customizing to your hearts content!

Hit “publish” on that customized template and, no, we won’t judge you for the crazy happy dance you do! Share on all the socials, tell your friends, shout it from the rooftops! And be sure to share your launch with us!

Look we get it, you’ve tried the other “drag and drop” platforms on the market and they just didn’t cut it. 

So why choose Showit?

We’ve been using Showit for a combined 5+ yrs between the two of us and we’re still in love. Here’s why:

True drag and drop capability
No coding required!
Mobile responsive
SEO friendly
Stellar Showit support team
Wordpress Blog
FB support group & community

How will I receive my Showit Template?

Once you've paid for your template, you will receive an email with a PDF including the share key you need to populate the template in Showit, as well as insctructions on how to do that!

How much does a Showit Subscription cost? What else do I need to pay for?

Showit has 3 different pricing tiers, only the two top tiers will accommodate a blog. Check those tiers out here. The only other thing you'll need to pay for is a domain. We recommend NameCheap. 

How does Showit work with SEO?

Showit is amazing with SEO! It's possible to use your SEO keywords throughout your site in just a few clicks. Read about Showit SEO best practices here. 

What is your return policy?

Because our templates are a digital product, we do not offer refunds. You can read more about that on our legal pages. 

Can I keep my old blog?

Blog migration is available for the highest tier of advanced blogs only. If you're wanting the Showit Support Team to transfer your old blog over, you'll need to choose this pricing tier. You can read more about that here

What if I have issues? Can you customize the template for me?

Showit is quite an intuitive platform to use, however if you have design related issues, feel free to get in touch with us. For technilogical help, contact the Showit support team - they're amazing! Showit also has a ridiculously extensive Help Library that is pure gold!

Finally, if you do decide that you need more of a helping hand, Robyn would love to expertly customize your template for you! Reach out here to inquire!

Hazel Showit Template

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not into the diy-ing game?

Work with a Showit expert (aka Robyn) to strategically customize and work magic on your template in just 2 weeks! Not only that but receive extra guidance on your website copy and content. 

But still want the luxury look with the hefty price tag? 

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