About Sojourn & Soul

Going Beyond What’s Trendy And Comfortable To The Heart Of Your Business

Hey, I’m Becca

the face behind Sojourn and Soul. I’m on a mission to show that branding and design should be an immersive experience that dives into who you are and what you cherish.

I never thought of design as a career option until I realized my high school hobby combined my love of art and deep connections — it also was conveniently something I could do at home while cuddling my newest little one. Sound similar to your business origin story? I tend to attract mothers whose businesses and lifestyles aren’t conventional.

Conformity? Comfortable being you.

I’ve never been into the status quo, and I’m guessing neither have you. That’s why my life, business, and design style are grounded in something real, not passing trends that don’t stand the test of time.

I want to empower you to create a recognizable brand that matches your expertise so you can build a life you love surrounded by those you love.

At Sojourn and Soul,
The Soul of Sojourn and Soul

Steering my clients to the most authentic iteration of their brand 

means getting to actually know them, being honest about what I think will serve them, and creating a brand that will last for years to come.


I’m here to be my clients’ confidant

so they can comfortably unearth their soul to me.


I trust my God-given insight

grounded in strategy and skill, and I want more women to feel empowered to do the same.


Making money, raising a family, and showing up authentically can and should co-exist.

Becca's Story

Channelling My Art And Insight To Help You Flourish

I’ve always been an artist.

For as long as I can remember, I couldn’t be found without a pencil or paintbrush in hand. My hobby naturally flowed into graphic design, and I worked on small projects growing up.

I didn’t think of design as a career option, though, until I married my junior high sweetheart, and we started our family right away. Branding and web design merged my love of art and motherhood: I could stay home and have a creative business outlet at the same time.

Although I had a background in traditional art mediums, I didn’t have one in design, so I invested in courses, looked up to others in the industry, and took on free work to build my portfolio.

As my business and family grew, the hustle culture I had started my business with no longer served me.

I began leaning more into my intuition and femininity, seeing them as strengths, not weaknesses.

I learned more about myself and what it meant to be me, a woman, mother, and designer. I let go of my biases against the slow and feminine and instead embraced them.

Over the last five years, I’ve streamlined my process, always leaving room for intuition and connection. Today, my design days channel my art knowledge, insight, and experience to help other women and mother-owned businesses flourish.

Every day looks different for me. I work during naptime, once the kids go to bed, and on the weekends, always trying to honour what my body is telling me. I don’t always find that balance, though, as a mom of three littles.

When clients come to me, I want them to feel safe to express their uniqueness, to come as they are. While this is not what gets me out of bed in the morning (that’s my kids’ job), I’m honoured to be able to portray the work of brilliant women so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

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