Elements of a Strong Rebrand

If you’ve been thinking of rebranding, then you’ve landed on the right page. Today I am sharing with you 4 elements of a strong rebrand.

I’ve been in the brand design realm since 2018, so I’ve seen a number of businesses launch a brand. Sometimes this is done really, really well, and other times… not so much. There are a number of factors that play into the success of a rebrand, maximize the return on investment (whether that be time or money), and position you as the expert you are. Here are just a few!

Re-evaluate your why

After years of being in business, your values and your “why” may have slowly shifted without you even noticing. If you’re thinking of rebranding, check in with these things. Why do you want to keep doing what you do? Why do you love to serve people with your offerings? Answering these questions will help form a solid, strategic foundation for the design.

Don’t fall into trends

It’s okay to want to be with the times, but one of the worst things you can do is rebrand based on a trend, no matter how cool it may seem. This will only leave you wanting to rebrand again in a year or so! Don’t compare yourself to those around you. “Trendy” brands may see short term success, but it’s important to stay focused on what makes your business unique, and the people will come.

Plan a launch

Sharing the story of your rebrand with your audience and actually planning a launch goes a long way. I don’t mean just posting a picture of your new logo, but creating a launch sale, or exclusive early access to email subscribers… there’s many ways you can create excitement about your rebrand, which in turn builds community, connection and memorability.

Work with a designer

I know I know, you probably saw this one coming. But seriously, you will save so much time and money in the long run when you invest in a professional that understands how to use market stats, competitor research, colour psychology, etc, to strategically design your brand.

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